How are you going through the crisis?


In fear, in a panic, sitting in front of the TV and retelling endless bad news and horror stories to all my friends and relatives ?? Perhaps out of fear, seizing the news with sweets or a sandwich with sweet tea. Or take the time to discuss all the events that you cannot change with your loved ones, not finding the time to take care of your family? Retelling the news, in which country the number of patients with coronavirus has increased, instead of making tea with ginger, turmeric and cranberries, rinse throat and rinse nose with argent max, and do exercises? And also take other measures to prevent coronavirus. About them will be detailed below.

Understand the important: Fear and panic are no less contagious than coronavirus.

In our world there are things that we control completely, which we partially control and which we do not control at all. So, our state and how we react to what is happening, we control completely, we control our immunity for the most part, what will happen in other countries or even in our own country – we have almost no control. Therefore, so that your losses are minimal, so that you can go through this period of crisis with your head held high and in good health, you need to focus energy and attention where we can control something, and this is our condition and our health. Coronavirus prevention measures are familiar to everyone, this is hygiene, first of all, masks, etc. This is spoken about a lot. We will not stop.

How to protect yourself with naturopathic drugs:

  • Use water with Cor-All; we recommend making 40 ° alkaline concentrated water in the morning, 1 sachet per half liter sachet and drink it half an hour before breakfast, then during the day, we already use 1 sachet per 1.5 liters sachet. Coral water. Based on 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight.
  • Argent-max . Gargling morning and evening and irrigation. When we inhale the virus, the first thing it gets on the tonsils, so it is important to gargle well.
  • Propolux also fights well with viruses, it is convenient to take it with you, and after each presence in a public place to use it. 1 injection every 4 hours.
  • Si-Energy – an infusion of fir, which has remarkable antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Use ½ tsp. with 150 ml of water twice daily without meals.
  • A range of antioxidants to choose from: K-complex, Redox-rinse, Solberry-H, Beeteron-H, Orange -Vitamine-C.
  • To enhance the protective functions of the immune system, we recommend taking: Ognevitt, In-Aurin, Peptoimmunin, Royal-Jelly, Aqua-Bonus (border water)
  • To improve cellular nutrition, add to your diet: Omega-3, Lecitin, Silicitin, Spirulina, Green-Kelp, I-Fucus, I-Norm, Lamina-coctail, Aqualamin

Knowing the main points on nutrition, on supporting immunity, on how to support the detoxification processes in the body, you can significantly help yourself. Many have passed our marathon “Detox§Slender figure” and take part in the course “The energy of your life” are already familiar with proper nutrition.

We recommend that you normalize your diet right now.

This is the foundation of the foundation, the foundation of our well-being, high energy and strong immunity. A diet that is rich in OMEGA 3, and other fats, vitamins and minerals, fiber, a variety of phytonutrients with enough protein and carbohydrates should be the basis.


Which products will especially support:

  • multi-colored vegetables, dark berries such as cranberries, lingonberries, black currants, sea buckthorn, raspberries (now in the form of freezing);
  • foods such as garlic, ginger, turmeric, rosemary, onions.

All of these products support the immune system and help fight inflammation.

We need food that is easily digested and digested, with spices that support digestion.

Food that is taken in a relaxed state, not for troubling news.

Let food be the main medicine.

Which products should definitely be excluded:

Excessive amount of gluten-containing cereals, sugar, a large amount of Omega 6, any refined foods (fast food, various pastries from white flour., Sausages, alcohol, etc.). These foods should not be in your diet if you want to support yourself during the crisis and now is not the time to say “I can’t live without candy.” You are an adult and should be able to make adult choices, and not be naughty in a heated environment.



It is important to breathe deeply, to breathe fully. Our lungs should now be in the optimal, strongest state and compressed breath, as under stress, will certainly not serve us. Therefore, breathe deeply, breathe regularly, try to breathe up to five on inhalation, up to seven on exhalation to calm the nervous system. This will help reduce stress.


Physical activity – supports the immune system, strengthens the body’s ability to fight infections and viruses, improves blood circulation, improves lymph flow.


More than ever, a quality dream is important, no news before bedtime, with quality relaxation, and not fall into bed like a log with sad thoughts and in a state of anxiety. Better to pray and thank for everything that is good in your life. The mood for the day. Find time to be in optimal condition in the morning: breathe, meditate, take a walk or at least jump a little and move around at home. To be a source of hope of faith, light, support, and not a broken phone that spreads horror stories.

Supporting drinks.

High-quality herbal drinks, rosehip broth, vegetable broths, tea with eucalyptus, mint, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, lemon – all these drinks will become a good support to your body. And if you do not do this for yourself, then your family, children and husband, most likely will not make these teas and broths. Therefore, include all of these drinks now to provide support in advance.


At home, you can put a spray or aroma lamp with eucalyptus, mint, lavender. This will help calm the nervous system, support the work of the brain and at the same time render our environment more harmless.

Vitamins and minerals.

Let food become the main medicine, but if you can’t get the necessary level of vitamins and minerals from food, add dietary supplements.

Vitamin C. Berries, fresh vegetables, amla, rosehip, kamu-kamu, or vitamin C as an additive, we have it Orange.

Vitamin D. Make sure you have a normal level of vitamin D, if it is low, now is the time to replenish and maintain its rational level. Contained in Calcium Morning.

Vitamin A. It helps to fight infections, so if you do not have high-quality vitamin A at home, buy a high-quality cod liver.

Calcium and Magnesium Morning excellent vitamin and mineral complexes

Zinc. It must be included, as it supports the immune system. Sources of zinc: animal products, pumpkin seeds.

Selenium also supports immunity and is usually in short supply in many. Selenium is an antioxidant that helps fight bacteria and viruses. You can add it to the diet at least in the form of Brazil nuts.

Prebiotics and Probiotics

Our microflora strongly controls immunity, so with each bite, feed a healthy microflora, which in turn will support you.

In support of probiotics: Symbion, Symbi M, Arma tone, Arma tabs.

Prebiotics: Burdock N, Artica Vega, Spirulina, Green Kelp, Lamina cocktail, Chlorella.

We wish you good health!