«Aurora» in Germany

My name is Natalia Gutheil.

I have been working as a nurse in Russia and Germany for more than 25 years, so I ask myself questions about restoring and strengthening my health every day.

I lead a healthy lifestyle and teach others to live in balance.


  • A practicing master of parsing. Quantum psychology.
  • Diagnostics of the body «Bio resonance», for individual selection of the recovery program of the body.
  • Energetic Session «Faceelifting».
  • Seminars on the concept of health and respiratory gymnastics, in Russia and Germany.
  • I am a curator in marathons: «Detox and slim figure» and «Lymph Cleansing».
  • I study at the Institute of Nutrition & Detox Coaching and actively practice.

My motto is: «Be yourself, this is what makes you unique»

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«Aurora» in Russia

My name is Svetlana Matveeva.

I lead a conscious lifestyle, thinking and eating.

I regularly engage in self-development.

I show my creativity in the skill of manicure and communication with people.

I am very glad to have the opportunity to be in the Aurora team.

«We make the world more beautiful together!»

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