STARTS on APRIL 18, 2024

Do you constantly feel a breakdown? Has your complexion turned gray? Mood deteriorating for no reason? Your body may need detox. The team of specialists "Detox § Slim figure" knows how to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins in just 24 days, as well as relieve the lymphatic system.

What is detox?

Whether we like it or not, something extra is constantly being deposited in our body, be it unnecessary kilograms or toxins, to which the entire civilized world has recently declared the Cold War. Toxins are poisons that are harmful to the body, which lie in wait for us everywhere: in poor-quality water and food, inorganic cosmetics and household chemicals, in the environment (especially if you are a resident of a metropolis), in medicines and even in synthetic clothes and furniture. Toxins are declared the main culprits of most diseases, poor immunity and digestion, a dull and dull appearance and the depressions and stresses associated with all of the above. In theory, our body is designed in such a way as to independently get rid of everything unnecessary. But when his own resources are no longer enough, all sorts of cleansing programs, detox gurus and nutrition experts come to the rescue, which recently began to appear like mushrooms after rain. So, it is detox that is the “reset” button for the body, by clicking on which you can start the natural functions of cleansing and restoring our body.

What is the essence

Despite the existence of many programs and methods of purification, at their core is always a few inviolable rules — if you observe them, you can do a real spring cleaning in your body. These include specific diet, elimination of bad foods and adding foods that contribute to — or at least not hinder — the process of detoxification (in the first place in this list is all kinds of green smoothies and smoothies, fresh squeezed juices, green salads, soups, Superfoods, legumes and grains subjected to minimum heat treatment), as well as physical exercise, SPA treatments, healthy sleep, relaxation and to minimize the factors contributing to the contamination of the body and stress. It is also recommended to consume plenty of fluids in the form of plain water or herbal tea. Under the ban are all semi-finished products, products made with white flour and sweets, fast food, soda and juices from packages, fried and fatty foods, meat and dairy products, and sometimes these innocent, it would seem, foods like potatoes and bananas. In the black list of detox you will also find all known bad habits like alcohol, Smoking and cups of aromatic espresso in the morning. In the end, your best friends should be chlorophyll, antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and fiber, and officially declared enemies of harmful fats, empty carbohydrates, dyes and flavor enhancers, including all products containing sugar and salt.

But it's worth it: as a reward for the austerity food you will find an endless list of bonuses, including getting rid of excess weight and allergies, improve complexion and skin, the solution to almost all problems with digestion, strong immunity, good mood and energy charge that will last at least another six months.

Who needs the “DETOX-MARATHON”?

  1. Overweight and body volume, bloating
  2. Nail and skin lesions
  3. Fatigue, chronic fatigue, apathy
  4. Bad sleep at night, difficult awakening
  5. Frequent colds and viral diseases
  6. Chronic diseases, redness, rashes
  7. Irritability, tendency to stress
  8. Bad breath and body odor
  9. Unhealthy, pale or yellow complexion

On your own

There are many methods of detoxifying the body. The Detox § Slender Figure team of specialists made the most budgetary option with which you can conduct a detox - it is to go through it online, with the support of experienced curators, nutritionists, nutritionists, naturopaths.

What awaits you at the marathon

  • Acquaintance and daily communication with all participants of the detox marathon
  • Personal advice from nutritionists
  • Individual cleansing program
  • Nutritionist nutritional recommendations
  • List of products that you need to purchase for a diet for the period of purification
  • Recipes of a simple and tasty menu + video menu
  • Tips for drinking water and controlling the amount of water you drink
  • Tips for drinking water and controlling the amount of water you drink

Video about marathon

We invite you to watch a short video about what awaits you at the «Detox § Slim figure» marathon.

What do you get as a result?

Intensive, comfortable cleansing of the body from parasites, toxins, toxins and poisons Weight, volume, slim figure reduction Recovery of intestinal microflora Lightness, vigor and a surge of strength Deep, healthy sleep
Complete cell nutrition, vitamins, macro and micronutrients Beautiful, young and healthy skin Strong immunity Knowledge of the concept of health for self-supporting health Healing and Transfiguration

Marathon participation options

To participate in the detox marathon, you need fill out the questionnaire and choose one of three options for passing the marathon.

  1. Option “JUST BY MYSELF”:
    You will get access to the information chat. Go through the program yourself, without a curator.
  2. Option “UNIVERSAL”:
    You will get access to information and chat communication with the support of professional curators.
  3. Option “INDIVIDUAL”:
    Throughout the cleansing period, you are accompanied by a curator who will analyze your health situation, select a set of products and adjust your diet and regime..

To participate in the marathon, you will need to purchase a set of cleansing products. After filling out the questionnaire, the manager will contact you and offer you to choose one of the available sets.


More about the marathon

You can get to know the project better and find out how the body detox marathon «Detox & Slim» is going on from its participant Elena Dirks.