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The key condition for improving the quality of life of every person today is to maintain a normal level of their adaptive abilities. The better the human body is able to adapt to the changes that occur with great speed in the outside world, the higher its immunity, resistance, psychological stability and quality of life in general.

In turn, adaptive abilities directly depend on such body functions as self-regulation and self-healing.

But today, a person is constantly exposed to enormous external loads, as a result of which his body does not have time to fully recover, and his resources quickly run out.

Modern megacities, where more than half of the world’s population lives, are a high-risk zone, if only because their natural background of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is now exceeded by 10 and 100 thousand times. It can be said that the level of electromagnetic pollution in large cities is not compatible with normal and healthy life.

A huge number of different electrical devices and electronic equipment-from high-voltage transmission lines to all kinds of telecommunications and communication facilities that surround us, which we carry in our bags and pockets, are receiving and transmitting devices, which is a serious danger.

Mobile communications, WI-FI, and microwave emitters are the ” monsters “that make the most destructive changes in the energy-informational structure of space, turning our immediate environment into a”small electromagnetic Chernobyl”.

External radiation in this range imposes on the body other frequencies that are not natural for it. Thus, external radiation affects the information and control system of the body, knocking it off its normal rhythm and thereby disrupting its work.

But that’s not all. There are such negative effects of geopathic and sociopathology. They also make a significant contribution to the destruction of the thin-field component of the space around us, violating its parameters and thereby creating conditions for its chaotic behavior.

The human body is a complex hierarchically organized system, of which both the physical body and the energy structures are an integral part. His well-being directly depends on these structures, as they provide the normal circulation of vital energy in the body. If the work of the human energy system, its field structures (biofield) is disrupted for some reason, then gradually this will necessarily affect all the systems of the body: first of all, its regulatory and adaptive capabilities.

And since the field structures of a person, his biofield, are the first to meet the effects of the external environment, then they are the first to suffer from these effects.

Due to the fact that the biofield is inextricably linked to the energy system, any violations in its work will immediately affect the work of the entire system.

In addition, the human body is a biological open system, which is stable only if there is a continuous supply of energy, matter and information from outside. This system has important properties – the ability to self-regulate and self-repair, which, if properly implemented, allow it to be viable for a long time. The better these abilities are, the higher the person’s immunity and resistance.

But in the conditions of the energy-informational catastrophe, which many scientists are already talking about today and which is the main cause of the disruption of the human energy system, the normal exchange of the body with the environment at the level of energy and information is impossible a priori.

As a result, it is almost impossible to carry out such vital functions of the body as self-healing and self-regulation, since they directly depend on the quality of this exchange.

All this gradually leads to the appearance of serious problems at literally all levels of human life-from physical ailments to social problems.

Therefore, it is necessary to create conditions for the restoration of the human energy system, its biofield, which will allow in a short time to put in order the energy-informational exchange of the body, both at the external level of “Man-Environment”, and at the internal level of organs and organ systems.

Once this happens, the body will begin to receive the energy resources it needs in full, sufficient to restore its natural abilities to self-regulation and self-healing.

Today, in the most complex energy-informational conditions, self-healing of field structures (biofield) of a person is almost impossible, so they need additional help.

And such assistance is ready to provide the device Auronik individual, developed specifically for this purpose by the Russian company “Laboratory Infotech” (LLC “Laboratory of hierarchical information Technologies”, 2000).

Since 1997, the Infotech Laboratory has been developing tools for restoring the parameters of the energy-informational environment and the thin-field exchange of a person at all levels, which are called bioresonance pictographic energy-informational modulators of thin physical fields (eniomodulators of TFP).

Eniomodulators are proven tools that create conditions for a full-fledged energy-informational exchange of a person with the environment, in which the body’s control structures themselves are able to ensure its correct self-healing due to their internal algorithms and capabilities.

The working part of eniomodulators is a package of information active pictograms consisting of a super-complex set of symbols (geometric patterns), the functioning of which is based on the principles and laws studied by information physics.

EM “Auronic Pro” individual is designed to neutralize the destructive effects of the external environment on the human body. We are talking, first of all, about such impacts as technopathogenic, geopathogenic, sociopathogenic.

As a result of interaction with EM “Auronik Pro”, usually:

  • fully restored energy exchange of the human body at all levels
  • restores its energy system and field structures (biofield),
  • gradually to full capacity include mechanisms of self-repair and self-regulation
  • improves mental and physical performance, resistance to mental stress,
  • improves the psycho-emotional state,
  • reduced stress load,
  • improves immune status,
  • increases the body’s resistance to adverse factors of the external environment
  • improved adaptation opportunities
  • activates the internal reserves of the body, due to which he begins to cope with certain problems.

All this leads to a gradual optimization of the work of all systems of the human body, which allows it to switch to a qualitatively new mode of operation.

As a result of interaction with the EM “Auronic Pro”, you can get a noticeable therapeutic effect, that is, a significant improvement in your physical condition. Where and in what area this will manifest itself in the first place, it is difficult to say. It all depends on the specific situation.

But we must understand that the EM “Auronic Pro” is not a therapeutic tool. And the healing effect that can be observed when interacting with it is the result of bringing the entire human body into a more harmonious state and activating its own internal reserves.

EM “Aaronic Pro” is not a magic wand. Its presence does not mean that you can treat yourself and your life incorrectly: violate the rules of “psychoenergetic hygiene”, stay in dangerous places for a long time, use gadgets without control (conduct endless conversations on your mobile phone, put it under your pillow at night), conflict with others, eat incorrectly, violate the work and rest regime, etc.

We must remember that if a person is in a state where his health is already in serious danger, then a comprehensive approach is necessary.

EM “Aaronic About” is our helper in the harsh conditions of the modern world. It is a kind of ecological and hygienic device that creates comfortable conditions for the field structures of a person, as a result of which the adaptive capabilities and immunity of the body are increased.


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