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Information and energy filter “AURONIK»

Information and energy filter “AURONIK” is designed to protect people from the harmful effects of radiation from televisions, monitors, cell phones and other appliances and devices of household and industrial electrical engineering. It is made in the form of a sticker with a size of 33 x 36 mm. “AURONIK” is inserted into a cell phone in the battery compartment, or is pasted on the back of the phone, computer or any other radiating office equipment. When gluing, be careful not to damage the central, working part of it, located between the front and the adhesive surface.

Today, it is difficult to imagine our life without electronics, which surrounds us both in everyday life and in production.

Unfortunately, all “smart and useful” equipment with its radiation introduces powerful distortions in the information and energy structure of the surrounding space, creating the so-called “field pollution”. The constant presence in the environment of sources of such “pollution” disrupts the information and energy exchange processes between the body and the environment, as a result of which the human biofield is destroyed. Such pollution manifests itself in the deterioration of well-being, impaired performance, sleep, chronic fatigue, a decrease in the protective and adaptive capabilities of the body, and a deterioration in the quality of life in general. For example, biochemical studies of blood cells show that the quality of the cell membrane of red blood cells alone is almost doubled within 15 minutes after the start of watching TV.

We understand that it is unrealistic to offer people to give up televisions, computers, cell phones and other electronic joys of modern life today. But we can still protect ourselves and our children!

By placing the “AURONIK” device on the surface of any electronic device, you put a reliable barrier to the penetration of this elusive “field dirt”into the body. “AURONIK” completely eliminates the pathogenic effects of electronics. As a result, the work of all body systems improves, which is confirmed by numerous studies.

In addition, “AURONIK” relieves additional psychoemotional stress.

“AURONIK” is available in the form of a self-adhesive application for a stationary installation on the source of a techno-pathogenic field disturbance. The size of the device allows you to place it even on miniature models of mobile phones.

  1. For stationary fixing, carefully remove the paper protective coating and glue the filter anywhere on the source of the technopathogenic field effect (TV, PC monitor, microwave oven, cell phone or radiotelephone, etc.).
  2. “AURONIK” provides field sanitation of the environment and protection of the biofield and the human psyche from biopathogenic non-electromagnetic radiation.
  3. The presence of “AURONIK” improves field metabolism, which expands the adaptive capabilities of the human body as a whole and has a beneficial effect on the state of all its organs and systems: immune, cardiovascular, digestive and all others.

Warranty obligations

    1. The shelf life of the filter is not limited (until mechanical damage).
    2. Filter cannot be returned or exchanged after the protective coating is removed or the external logo is broken.
    3. After dismantling, the filter cannot be restored.



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