Tea drink “Fiber-Hit” is a multi-component product that improves the function of the intestine and the entire organism. First, it is a source of various soluble and insoluble fiber.

Tea drink “Fiber-Hit” (Fiber-Hit) is a multi-component product that improves the functioning of the intestines and the entire body as a whole. First of all, it is a source of various soluble and insoluble dietary fiber.

Most of all, it contains chitin, which is part of the chaga mushroom meal or black birch mushroom. Chitin is the main component of the cell walls of fungi. It is able to accumulate and remove significantly more heavy metals from the body than other dietary fibers, such as cellulose and lignin. In addition, chitin can slow down and prolong the action of various substances in the intestines. This, in particular, is based on the slowing down of glucose assimilation by chaga, which contributes to the normalization of blood sugar levels. Due to the active sorption of bile acids, the cholesterol content decreases. It has long been known that chaga tea also has anti-inflammatory and antitumor effects. It also actively stimulates the immune system and calms the nervous system.

The drink contains a lot of fiber from vegetable raw materials, as well as so-called soluble dietary fiber: pectin, guar gum, psyllium seed skins, pumpkin and flax. Being in the gastrointestinal tract, these components continue to absorb liquid, increasing in volume, which reduces the feeling of hunger. This complex of substances helps to soften feces, prevents the formation of fecal stones. They do not stagnate in the intestines and are quickly evacuated along with toxins, slags and other harmful substances, which creates conditions for colonization of the intestines with beneficial bacteria. As the concentration of harmful substances drops sharply in the intestines, it also begins to decrease in blood plasma and other body fluids. As a result, the body is cleansed of harmful substances, improves blood circulation and brain function, improves overall health, reduces weight, increases working capacity, cleanses the skin, a person often stops getting sick with colds and other diseases.

the use of the Fire-Hit tea drink contributes to:

  • intestinal cleansing and normalization of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • elimination of heavy metals, toxins and slags from the body;
  • normalize blood sugar levels and reduce cholesterol;
  • stimulating the immune system and calming the nervous system;
  • weight loss;
  • increase performance;
  • improve skin condition.


crushed chaga mushroom meal, Flaxseed flour, pumpkin flour, crushed burdock root meal, crushed plantain seeds, guar gum, buckthorn bark extract, Apple pectin, aluminum oxide, stevioside.

Method of application:

1 sachet per day with meals. Fill the contents of the bag with ½ Cup of cold water (kefir, yogurt or juice), stir and drink. Additional liquid consumption is required (1 Cup). You can add the powder to ready meals, which must be washed down with any liquid.

The duration of admission is 28 days.

Energy value per 100 g of product:

  • 231.7 kcal/ 969.4 kJ

Nutritional value per 100 g of product:

  • protein – 19.7 g
  • fat – 6.1 g
  • carbohydrates – 19.8 g

storage Conditions:

Store at a temperature of 0 oC to +25 oC and humidity no more than 75%.
Shelf life-2 years

Quantitative description:

14 sachets of 6 g.


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