Serotonin Drops


Delicious food lozenges based on natural plant components. 60 lozenges of 0.6 g .

A healthy and delicious snack is an indispensable way to satisfy hunger. Small-sized lozenges are convenient to take with you: they do not take up much space and will perfectly cope with their task.

Pastilles «Serotonin Drops» is a product produced by Russian scientists, which has no analogues on the market.

The pastilles contain cocoa and Altai sea buckthorn extract. These natural ingredients contain serotonin and endorphin, which help to improve mood and vitality. Lozenges give the effect of vivacity and a surge of strength thanks to a special technology of micronization — all components are easily absorbed by the body.

Product uniqueness

Science recognizes that “stress” and “depression” are diseases that greatly affect a person’s life in the modern world. Pharmacists all over the world have been developing drugs to combat new diseases for forty years. In recent years, a large number of antidepressants have appeared, designed to help a person with stress and depression. In parallel, scientists were looking for a solution to the problem among natural substances.

Aurora has found a way in which the main enemy of depression — serotonin — is delivered to the human body in the required amount. The resulting product is completely natural, and, unlike other chemical compounds, does not leave behind side effects.

Serotonin is a “mediator of happiness”

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, its task is to transmit an electrochemical impulse from a nerve cell to other cells in the body. Thanks to this substance, a person feels cheerful and happy. Serotonin relieves the symptoms of PMS, fights RPP, promotes the renewal of body tissues.

In the dark, serotonin promotes the synthesis of another hormone — melatonin. He is responsible for the normalization of sleep, blood circulation and also participates in the work of other organs.

Usually, the body synthesizes serotonin on its own. When production is disrupted, it can be obtained from the outside. “Serotonin Drops”, “Rosehip Serotonin” and “Cocoa Serotonin” replenish the reserves of this compound, returning a sense of happiness and joy. The drugs restore the ability to focus and resist stressful conditions.

Advantages of Serotonin Drops:

  1. An innovative formula.
  2. Developed by scientists from Russia.
  3. Without addiction.
  4. No side effects.
  5. The required level of serotonin content.
  6. does not affect the synthesis of its own serotonin.


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