Licorice Extra in Extra tablets (Solodka-Extra) – 60 tablets of 300 mg.

Licorice is a plant that has unique medicinal properties. Similar qualities are not found in any other green organism.

The plant was known in ancient China. The doctors of the Celestial Empire included licorice in the list of the main herbs for the preparation of medicines. In addition to the therapeutic effect, the taste of licorice interrupted the bitterness of other plants that are part of ancient drinks.

The medical use of licorice has also been noticed in India and Greece. Licorice root is the first “cough lozenges”, a medicine to stimulate the work of the intestines, as well as the first natural energy drink. The effect of the drug appeared almost immediately — the patient became easier, and the appearance became “blooming”.

The composition of licorice is very diverse. It includes organic acids and essential oils, tannins and natural resins. The sweetness of licorice is due to sucrose, fructose, maltose and glucosis. The root of the plant contains more than 30 different flavonoid compounds — a truly universal medicine.

The main properties of licorice:

  1. Strengthening of capillaries and vessels.
  2. Relieving intestinal spasm.
  3. General restorative effect.
  4. Starting the regeneration of body tissues.
  5. Restoration of immunity.
  6. Fight against allergies and infections.
  7. Relieving tension from the nervous system.
  8. Actively diluting effect on the lymph flow.


Dry licorice root extract, MCC, magnesium stearate (tableting component).

Release form:

60 tablets of 300 mg.


Do not use dietary supplements if there is an individual intolerance to the components.

Expiration date: 

2 years from the date of manufacture.

Admission recommendation:

The optimal reception format is one tablet 2 times a day.


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