Viophtan 08


Water-salt solution of the protein-peptide complex “Vioftan-8” for bioregulation of the iris tissue. Product form — a bottle of 15 ml.

“Vioftan-8” is a complex for the prevention of many eye inflammations: choroiditis, iridocyclitis, iris dystrophy, angle-closure glaucoma, iris pathology, as well as in gerontological practice to slow down aging and rejuvenation of organs.

The water-salt solution affects the homeostasis of the cells of the iris of the eye, restoring and maintaining tissue structures.

In closed-angle glaucoma, it is combined with the complexes “Viophtan-3”, “Viophtan-7”, “Viophtan-9” and “Viophtan-10”.

For choroiditis, iridocyclitis is used together with “Viophtan-3” and “Viophtan-7” .


1 ml of a sterile solution contains; 0.1±0.01 mg of CaCI2 and 10-10-10-11 mg of a protein-peptide complex.

Physiological effect:

“Vioftan-8” supports the viability of the iris cells, its spatial and functional organization, as well as adhesive interactions between cells

Recommendations for use:

For the prevention and treatment of iris dystrophy, astigmatism and iridocyclitis.

Method of application:

1-2 drops of the solution should be installed on the eyelid from three to five times a day, depending on the intensity of turbidity.

Discontinuation of the drug is recommended after the disappearance of negative sensations.


Individual intolerance.

Storage conditions:

In a clean, dry, protected from the sun place at a temperature of +5 °C to +25 °C and a relative humidity of no more than 75%.

Expiration date:

2 years from the date of manufacture. After opening, store in the refrigerator and use for 30 days.


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