We are our food basket: how to start eating well

Long working days, stress and poor ecology affect our lives much more than we think, and proper nutrition is almost a “utopia” in the life of a modern person. But it still seems to us that it’s time to put health first.

The term “clean nutrition” has become very popular in the medical community and among people for whom nutrition plays a big role. This is not just a diet with an emphasis on fresh whole foods. This is a real lifestyle that can be easy and enjoyable if you follow a few general recommendations.

We have prepared a list of 11 useful habits that will help you stay in good shape even on the busiest day.

How to start eating right?


1 Observe the water balance

Water is the healthiest and most natural drink you can drink. It does not contain sugars, artificial sweeteners or other questionable ingredients. By definition, this is the purest drink you can drink. Water helps to maintain the body’s water balance and helps to achieve a healthy weight.

Two liters of clean water a day is the key to smooth skin and a natural detox of the body. You can enhance the effect of water with the help of kollar or silicon-natural materials rich in macro-and microelements. A glass of water with dissolved coral or complexes “Si-Energy” and “Sio-Max” and in the morning saturates the cells with the necessary silicon substances.

Calculation of the required amount of water per day, 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight, in case of heat, sports, temperature, we increase to 40 ml per 1 kg of body weight.

For example: weight 60 kg x 30 ml =1800 ml daily dose of water.

2 Homemade food

Ready-made products from stores are the exact opposite of a healthy lifestyle. Most processed foods have lost some of their fiber and nutrients, but have received sugar, chemicals or other “non-skin” ingredients in return. Clean nutrition involves avoiding ready-made semi-finished products for long-term storage as much as possible.

It is not necessary to cook every day. Home-made frosts and cooking for several days will come to the rescue. “Superfoods” – spirulina and chlorella will help to preserve all the properties and vitamins in ready-made homemade food. Add them to smoothies, smoothies or even pastries so that they work for the benefit of your body.

3 Power mode

Introduce a new habit of planning — start from the time of eating. First breakfast, and then work. First, lunch and only then work meetings. In between scheduled meals, add healthy snacks “Laminaria Drops” , “Fucus Drops” and “Aqualamin”. By the way, the advice is also suitable for those who have long wanted to lose weight.

4 A varied diet

And although your favorite dish” in five minutes ” seems so balanced, you should not eat the same thing all the time. Try new recipes, buy unusual products — and then the body will get everything it needs.

Dietary supplements based on “whey” will also help to diversify the diet – “Lamina Cocktail”. They strengthen the immune system, fill with energy and a sense of lightness.

5 Gastrointestinal assistance

When you adjust the diet and make a variety in the diet, it remains for a small matter — help the gastrointestinal tract get used to the new format of work. Taking “Chitosan Crab” or “Rumarin Chitosan” an hour before meals helps intestinal peristalsis and digestion.

Food Tips


6 Fiber — one love

Green vegetables are the best friends of lactobacilli that digest our food. Listen to yourself, perhaps your intestines will choose a salad instead of the usual side dish. An additional source of lactobacilli will help to support the gastrointestinal tract during the perestroika period – “Symbion”. It contains: natural milk, hydrolyzed by the symbiosis of bifido -, lacto-and other beneficial bacteria; peptides, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, macro – and microelements.

“Symbion” helps to normalize the intestinal microflora. The recommended course of therapy for adults is 2 weeks (two tablets three times a day).

7 Healthy Fats

Fat is not as terrible as it seems. Vegetable oil, avocado, seeds and nuts, black cumin oil, lecithin and “Omega-3” and in capsules-this is a healthy normal system, shiny hair and smooth skin.

8 Healthy cereals

Those who want to start eating right should know — there is no need to be afraid of complex carbohydrates. These are buckwheat, quinoa, bulgur, oatmeal and others. They give energy to the body, especially in the first half of the day. The complexes are perfectly combined with them “Evo-Mix” and “Fiber-Hit” b, which improve the functioning of the intestines and the entire body as a whole.

What foods should be removed from the diet?


9 White flour

Like any ready-made semi-finished products, white flour goes through too many processing stages. There are no useful substances left in the final product at all. High-grade flour is almost pure refined starch.

For the same reason, it is better to abandon the purchased baking and prepare bread at home from whole-grain flour of coarse processing. It is made from whole grains and contains bran — an additional source of fiber.

10 White sugar

This is the main cause of diabetes and weight problems. Sugar strongly affects the functioning of the brain, and contrary to popular opinion about improving performance, sugar contributes to memory loss. It worsens the work of connections in the brain, which then provoke the development of senile dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Sugar makes us feel a momentary satiety, which is quickly replaced by a new wave of hunger. As a result, we overeat and go far beyond the daily calorie intake. The solution is to gradually abandon sugar in favor of berries or fruits.

It is difficult to get away from sweets in one step, so we have launched a marathon for future former sweet tooths “Detox and a slim figure”.

11 Salt

Excess salt retains water in the body, which means it delays the entire cycle of water metabolism and elimination of toxins. From an aesthetic point of view, salt is the main cause of swelling on the face, under the eyes and on the fingers. Replace salt with aromatic spices so that water does not accumulate in your body.

Recommendations for proper nutrition turned out to be quite simple. Even in the busiest schedule, there is a place for a glass of” live ” water and a healthy snack.

In pure nutrition, the emphasis is on fresh, nutritious products with minimal processing. This way of eating will not only strengthen your health, but also help you appreciate the natural taste of products. After that, you just don’t want to spoil everything with fatty fast food and sickly sweet pastries.

In addition, your new lifestyle supports sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly food methods. Another plus in the piggy bank of PP.

To make the process of introducing habits pass quickly and with pleasure, we invite you to join a group of like-minded people at the “Detox Marathon”. Ahead of you is waiting for lightness, cheerfulness and a healthy intestine. Your grocery basket will definitely get better!


You can take a closer look at the project and find out how the detox marathon for cleansing the body takes place from its participant Elena Dirks.

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