Coral water — useful properties, contraindications, effectiveness

Every second inhabitant of the metropolis is familiar with insomnia, chronic fatigue and apathy, hair loss, dry skin, and frequent colds and allergies. Someone does not notice these problems and drinks liters of coffee, complains about weather changes and constant stress at work. Someone goes to the pharmacy and buys vitamins, writing off the symptoms for spring vitamin deficiency.

But the reason can be found in another — in the way of life. Improper regime, poor nutrition and poor-quality water. In the world of modern man, the problem of purity and quality of drinking water is very relevant.

Another common problem is the lack of water. Trace elements do not enter the necessary tissues. The body cannot get enough energy, because there is a shortage of water and oxygen in the cells. Pharmacy vitamins are absorbed by no more than 20%, since dehydrated cells poorly absorb any substances.

The sad result is early aging. An old cell is a cell that loses extracellular and cellular moisture.

How to keep moisture in the body? And how to train yourself not just to carry a bottle with you, but to drink clean, healthy water? About this in our article.

What is coral water?

Water purified with coral powder is an improved version of this very water. The liquid is enriched with useful minerals, therefore it helps the body with ailments.

Coral powder is not a product of human thought, not a synthetic invention, it is a pure, natural product that nature has invented. Coral calcium was formed in living tissue, it has a different structure and is absorbed better than other forms of calcium.

The benefits of coral water

Many people know that something has to be done with water. Someone tries to drink only boiled water, someone buys purified water in a store or uses home filters. But all these methods are far from ideal. The water should be clean, with low surface tension, easily accessible, biologically digestible, negatively charged and slightly alkaline.

The most useful water for humans is the one that will remain in the cells. To do this, it needs to be given special biological properties. The source of these properties can be minerals in coral sachets.

Useful components of coral sachets trigger redox reactions. The cell does not have to spend additional energy on breaking the surface tension, overcome the positive redox potential, and convert it to negative values. As a result, every organ, every system, every cell, every piece of tissue begins to perform its functions better. Well-being improves dramatically: headaches go away, swelling decreases, kidney function improves, toxins, poisons are removed from the intestine, the function of the endocrine glands improves.

Elimination of toxins is the first step to weight loss, so you can recommend coral water for weight loss. In combination with a balanced diet and moderate physical activity, coral water based on CORE-ALL from Aurora will help the body get rid of excess weight. When each cell is saturated with vital substances (vitamins, minerals, calcium, protein, folic acid, selenium, chromium), appetite will slowly decrease. The body will no longer require replenishing the reserves of trace elements at any cost. The figure will become slim and taut not because of severe restrictions, but because the body will become healthy and energetic.

Another useful function is blood thinning. The renewed cells carry oxygen better, as a result, the risk of thrombosis, heart attacks, and strokes decreases. Microcirculation inside the brain improves, which means increased mental activity and memory.

Another problem where coral water can become the number one choice is diseases of the joints and spine. Elderly people often say: “spine creaks”, “joints hurt”, “we have irregular nails” and more. All these symptoms are a reflection of the quality of the intracellular fluid. This liquid should be pure, alkaline. By alkalizing and changing the biochemical composition of tissues in general, coral water affects the quality of synovial fluid. Residents of coastal regions are less likely to suffer from diseases such as arthritis, arthrosis and other serious joint diseases. The musculoskeletal system is one of the systems where it is fastest to see shifts in the positive direction, regardless of age.

Other, no less significant areas of influence of coral water are children’s diathesis, swelling, especially in people with cardiovascular insufficiency. In addition, water is necessary for kidney diseases and skin diseases. All we see on the skin is the state of the internal environment.

Coral water has no direct contraindications. The only thing worth paying attention to is the drinking regime. Do not immediately try to drink two or three liters of water a day. This will become a heavy burden for the body. Start with two to four glasses of healthy water a day. Gradually, your body itself will start asking for more. So, you will train yourself to drink a glass of water every hour. That will be enough.

Summarizing the main benefits of coral water:

  1. Normalization of the natural pH level in the body.
  2. Normalization of blood pressure and pulse.
  3. Prevention of diseases of bones and joints.
  4. Improving the quality and elasticity of muscles.
  5. Normalization of the kidneys and excretory system.
  6. Dilution of blood and lymph, elimination of toxins.
  7. Improving the quality of the skin.

How to make coral water?

Coral water is drunk instead of ordinary water. You can cook it at home.

One sachet CORE-ALL from Aurora can purify about two liters of water. It is best to use bottled or filtered drinking water. After a couple of minutes, the water is ready — you can drink it all day long. 

Coral water is not boiled.

Drink water in the morning warming up to 38 ° and before eating for 30 minutes.

There may be powder at the bottom of a glass or bottle — this is normal, coral cannot dissolve in water. It is better to clean a new portion of water every day.

We recommend getting used to the taste of pure water, without sugar and syrups. It is she who will best save in hot weather, help relieve stomach cramps and calm anxiety.

Coral sachet CORE-ALL are safe and effective. If all the recommendations are followed and a healthy lifestyle is maintained, the result will be visible almost immediately.

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