Laminaria Drops


“Laminaria Drops”: food lozenges with kelp — 60 lozenges of 0.6 g each.

A delicious and healthy snack is an excellent tool in the fight against hunger, when there is no opportunity for a full meal. Lozenges based on kelp “Kelp Drops” are convenient to store and always take with you. They will have a beneficial effect on the work of the stomach, replenish the energy reserve and lift the mood.

Kelp, or brown seaweed, is often used in cooking. The composition of seaweed is rich in useful substances: phosphorus, magnesium, iodine, manganese and iron. Algae is widely used for weight loss, speeding up metabolism. In addition, they perfectly remove slags and toxins from the body.

Of the trace elements, it is necessary to note alginic acid, proteins, fiber and vitamins.

The beneficial effect of sea cabbage will have a beneficial effect on the following disorders of the body:

  1. Lack of vitamins.
  2. Violation of the thyroid gland.
  3. Metabolic disorders.
  4. When constipated.
  5. During a period of frequent stress and depression.
  6. With a weak immune system.

Kelp is an essential product for colds and sore throats, as well as for the prevention of vascular diseases and the female reproductive system.


Micronized kelp, freeze-dried apple, dried hibiscus flowers, dried jerusalem artichoke, buckwheat flour; auxiliary ingredients: fructose, aerosil A, magnesium stearate.

Method of use:

For slow resorption or chewing.

Nutritional value per 100 g of dry product:

Protein-3.7 g, fat-0.5 g, carbohydrates-72.7 g. Energy value: 312 kcal/1306 kJ.


Individual intolerance to the components of the product, pregnancy.


Keep out of the reach of children in the original packaging at a temperature of no more than plus 250C and a relative humidity of no more than 75%.

Expiration date:

2 years.


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