Rumarin is a food additive produced by a special technology in the process of hydrolysis using crab liver, from the Japanese holothurium (Stychopus japonicas), which lives in the far East in the area of Peter the Great Bay.

Japanese holothuria (sea cucumber) it contains a wide range of biologically active substances: glycosides, prostaglandids, polyene fatty acids, polysaccharides, chondroitin, b vitamins, trace elements-calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, iodine, silicon, phosphorus, selenium, potassium;


As an additional source of unique, highly effective soluble dietary fiber of marine origin (chitosan). It is a highly effective enterosorbent, promotes the restoration and growth of normal intestinal microflora, restores intestinal motor activity, and has a laxative effect.

    •  Promotes the removal of toxins from the body, as well as eliminates intoxication of various origins;
    •  It has an immunomodulatory effect;
    •  Increases resistance and overall body tone;
  •  Stimulates regenerative processes;
  •  Normalizes metabolism;
  •  It is used for acute and other poisoning, intensive drug therapy;
  •  It is used for metabolic syndrome, obesity, and other types of lipid metabolism disorders.
  •  It has a positive effect after radiation and chemotherapy;
  • an Additional source of unique highly effective soluble dietary fiber of marine origin (chitosan).

Rumarin with chitosan is a 100% natural product made from sea cucumber (trepang). These animals have been living on the planet for 500 million years due to their amazing ability to regenerate. Trepang can restore itself completely from just one-third of its body. Roomarine with Chitosan is a product that allows you to bring the healing components of trepang and chitosan to all human organs and systems in an ionic form.

Innovative hydrolysis technology

C fermentation without the use of high temperatures and artificially synthesized additives ensures maximum digestibility of active substances. The resulting hydrolysate contains more than 40 active elements and 22 amino acids! Including 7 irreplaceable ones. Three of them (lysine, leucine, and valine) form a BCAA complex that regulates metabolism. This composition cannot be obtained by any other means.


Chitosan 86.0%; enzymatic hydrolysate from trepang far East 14.0%; gelatin capsule.
< h4>release Form:

30 capsules with a content weight of 250 mg.


It is recommended as a food Supplement – an additional source of soluble dietary fiber (chitosan).


Individual intolerance, pregnancy, breast-feeding.

Shelf life:

2 years from the date of manufacture.

Recommendation for admission:

1 Capsule-2 times a day.

Clinical studies have proven:

Rumarin helps to increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood and reduce cholesterol.


It is an aminopolysaccharide derived from the shell of a far Eastern crab. Chitosan is a completely natural product that has no analogues in the world. It is a highly effective enterosorbent that has a unique ability to bind fats in the intestines and remove up to half of the fat taken with food from the body. Thanks to its unique composition, Rumarin is a source of vitality and is essential for people who lead an active lifestyle.

Rumarin is recommended by leading specialists of the Clinic of Modern Medicine and the research Institute of medical climatology and rehabilitation in Vladivostok.

Rumarin with Chitosan is:

  • Immunomodulator-increases the body’s resistance to parasitic, viral, and bacterial infections
  •  Antioxidant-rejuvenates the body and preserves the beauty of the skin, stimulating tissue regeneration
  • Detoxicant-promotes rapid recovery of the body after long-term use of antibiotics, radiation and chemotherapy, removing harmful decomposition products and metabolites of drugs
  •  Stimulator of sexual activity-helps to restore the prostate gland and prolong its functioning for many years.
  •  Onkoprotector-promotes resorption of benign tumors and slows down the growth of malignant
  •  Energetik-increases mental and physical performance, regulates metabolism, converts fat into energy and promotes weight loss

Due to its rich composition, Rumarin with chitosan also provides a complex of actions:

  • prevents the formation of blood clots
  • helps strengthen bones and restore joint elasticity and mobility (for chondrosis and arthrosis)
  • regulates blood sugar and cholesterol
  • removes toxins and slags
  •  it has a calming effect on the nervous system
  • effective against fungi (including Candida)
  • normalizes blood pressure

Rumarin with chitosan certificate Rumarin Extra certificate


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