Sea buckthorn is a multivitamin berry with a whole range of useful substances. Berries are rich in carotenoids, fatty acids and tocopherols. Sea buckthorn can be called a powerful natural antioxidant.

The antioxidant properties of berries are enhanced by ascorbic acid, sodium sulfite and trace elements silicon and magnesium.

Concentrated sea buckthorn juice is a convenient form that promotes overall health improvement and rejuvenation of the body.

«Solberry-H» is a health—improving drink based on dry concentrated sea buckthorn juice.

It is worth introducing «Solberry-H» into the diet with the following problems:

  1. With frequent colds, flu, sore throat.
  2. With increased mental and physical exertion.
  3. With hypovitaminosis.
  4. As a tonic.
  5. For complex therapy of the gastrointestinal tract.
  6. To facilitate the work of the cardiovascular system and reduce cholesterol formations inside the vessels.


Sea buckthorn juice dry concentrated, maltodextrin, magnesium hydroxide (E528), aerosil (E551), sodium sulfite (E221), ascorbic acid (E300).

Recommendations for use:

Mix the contents of the capsule thoroughly in a third of a glass of water. The optimal regimen is 1-2 capsules a day with meals.


Individual intolerance of ingredients.

Energy value per 100 g of product:

410.8 kcal/ 1718.8 kJ

Nutritional value per 100 g of product:

Proteins — 8.5 g, fats — 21.9 g, carbohydrates — 63.8 g.

Storage conditions:

At a temperature from 0 ° C to +25 ° C and humidity no more than 75%.


Tracking and caramelization of the contents in the capsule is allowed. Caramelization of the capsule contents is not a marriage. Resorption of the contents increases the digestibility of BAS compared to dissolution in water and its further use.

Expiration date: 

2 years.


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