Silouron cream


Cream for external use «Silouron Cream» – 30 ml.

Prevention and treatment of inflammation of the musculoskeletal system is a mandatory action for everyone who strives to remain active for many years. Organic components in the composition of “Siluron Cream” restore intracellular nutrition, stimulate regenerative processes in the tissues of joints and tendons, contribute to the preservation of moisture in the cells of joints and bones.

The release form in the form of a cream allows you to bring a complex of hyaluronic acid and vitamins through the skin, relieving inflammation and swelling.

The advantage of Siluron Cream is bactericidal compounds with silver to prevent biological contamination of the ointment bottle.

The cream will do:

  1. Professional athletes. A large load on the joints requires additional care both during training and during competitions.
  2. for children and teenagers. Siluron Cream trace elements will provide nutrition and restoration of the actively growing musculoskeletal system.
  3. People over the age of 60. for tissue renewal, stress relief and cell nutrition in diseases of joints and bones.
  4. Patients after injuries. When you need all the resources for a quick recovery.

How to use the cream?

Massage the cosmetic cream onto the desired areas of the body and rub until absorbed. You can use it regularly or undergo a course of therapy.

Release form:

Cream for external use with a volume of 30 ml.


Distilled water, vaseline, pork fat, ceresin, lanolin, hydraenol, emulsion wax, emulsifier DS BY 25-337, turpentine (turpentine oil), sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), sea freshness fragrance, chondroitin sulfate, methylparaben, propylparaben, magnesium hydroxide, guardian toco 70 (guardian toco 70), manganese sulfate, aerosil, citric acid, calcium carbonate, ascorbic acid, silver citrate.


Individual intolerance of ingredients.

Storage conditions:

It is necessary to keep the cream in a dry place, inaccessible to direct sunlight. The optimum temperature is from 0 ° C to 25 ° C. The shelf life is no more than two years. Keep away from children.

Силурон Крем Удостоверение качества и безопасности

The siluron ® Cream quality assurance and security


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