How to determine health by the condition of the nails of the fingers

Who would have thought that the general state of physical and psychological health of a person can be very easily determined. To do this, you do not need to take various unpleasant tests, but just look at the nails of your hands.

Why the nails? The fact is that the nail is not a vital organ. And if there is little blood and nutrients in the body, then they first of all stop entering the nail.

Determination of human health by nail condition

You probably noticed white spots on your nails? They tell us that during this period of life, our body was experiencing a lack of nutrients. And, since it is known that the nail grows completely in 6 months, you can reliably determine at what time of the year you have something in the body was missing. Therefore, I recommend paying attention to a set of products for joints that will help you stay alert, infinitely efficient, with excellent skin, nails, and most importantly, with a healthy back and joints without pain and crunch.

the set includes:

All products can be used to make a «JOINT COCKTAIL»:


Take 1/2 part of a single dosage of each ingredient, dilute with 200 ml of hot 60° water and add cold water to 300-400 ml. We drink 1 time a day in the afternoon such a cocktail.

course from 3 to 6 months.


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