Collagen: benefits and harms for a woman’s body — how to increase the level of collagen in the body

Nowadays, everyone has heard about collagen. This is a special type of protein, its mission is to slow down the aging process, reduce and smooth out wrinkles, and preserve youth. In addition, collagen in the body is responsible for weight loss, sleep quality, endurance levels and even good digestion.
Collagen is a constant companion of sports nutrition, care cosmetics and complex supplements. The form of graduation can be completely different, depending on the purposes of admission and personal preferences.
In this article we will tell you the main functions of collagen in the body, the symptoms of its deficiency and ways to replenish reserves.


Why does the body need collagen?

Scientists around the world are carefully studying the functions of collagen in the human body. Every year, many discoveries are made and we learn more about this amazing protein.

The main tasks of the protein include:

  • Strengthening the skin.
  • Fight against age-related injuries.
  • Strengthening bone health.

Collagen makes up 75% of the dry weight of the skin. With age, the inner layer of the skin loses collagen, becomes less elastic and more vulnerable to damage. However, you cannot choose where your body will use collagen. For example, you can take a collagen supplement to improve your skin condition, but if your bones or muscles are devoid of collagen, the excess collagen is likely to be used primarily by your bones and muscles.

Some people take collagen supplements to improve heart health, although there are few independent studies confirming this.

You may be pleasantly surprised by another function of collagen. When it is difficult to lose weight, and it is possible to keep weight with great difficulty, it is worth introducing more collagen into the diet. It helps to control appetite and gives a feeling of fullness.Collagen is one of the most satiating proteins that will help you feel full and eat less during the next meal. Appetite suppression is the key to making weight loss much easier. Numerous studies have shown that collagen keeps your body strong, helps the skin become elastic and come into a new look after losing kilograms.

As you age, your bones become less dense and more brittle, break more easily and take longer to heal. Studies have shown that daily collagen supplements can help make your bones denser, slow down the aging process that makes them brittle.

While more and more men are going bald, many women also face hair loss or thinning with age. With regular intake, the amount of hair increases and the condition of the scalp improves.

Another beauty bonus is that collagen strengthens nails. They become less fragile, do not break and look more aesthetically pleasing.

Collagen deficiency

To date, there is no blood test or other way to measure the amount of collagen in your body. However, you can tell yourself when your body lacks it.

With age, the body naturally produces less collagen. Slowing down can begin at the age of 20, we usually perceive it as part of aging:

  • The skin loses elasticity. Wrinkles form, and small wounds heal more slowly.
  • Tendons and ligaments are more rigid. You lose flexibility.
  • Muscle mass decreases. You’re getting weaker. There may be a tremor in the hands and feet.
  • Cartilage wears out. You develop joint pain or osteoarthritis.
  • The intestinal mucosa is thinning. You may have digestive problems.
  • The condition of the mouth is changing. Caries appears, teeth fall out.
  • Vision goes down, dryness appears in the eyes, even if the rules of working with the screen are observed.

However, in addition to aging, the main reason why people lack collagen is poor nutrition. Your body cannot produce collagen if it lacks the necessary elements, namely amino acids and nutrients for their processing.

Other factors that destroy collagen include:

  1. The use of large amounts of sugar.
  2. Insufficient amount of sleep or poor quality sleep.
  3. Bad ecology.
  4. Constant stress and emotional tension.
  5. Hormonal failures in women, for example, during pregnancy.
  6. Inactive lifestyle.

Give up bad habits so as not to destroy collagen in the body. And the next step will be to fill its deficit.

How to increase the level of collagen?

To help your body produce more collagen, be sure to eat the following foods:

  • Protein-rich foods – meat, dairy products, eggs, fish, legumes
  • Foods rich in vitamin C – citrus fruits, spinach, broccoli, bell peppers, tomatoes.
  • Foods rich in zinc – meat, nuts, beans, seeds, whole grains.
  • Products rich in copper are by-products, cocoa powders, cashews, sesame seeds and lentils.

Depending on your goals, you may need more or less collagen supplements. Although collagen is a very safe supplement, taking too much can cause minor but unpleasant side effects.

Aurora’s product line includes various forms of collagen production.

“Collagen Tabs Cherry”, “Collagen Tabs Cocoa” and “Collagen Tabs Orange” is collagen in the form of tablets. It is convenient if your working day starts early and there is little time in the morning.

“Gellastin” is a balanced complex for improving the structure of hair, skin, renewal of joint cells and increasing the elasticity of human ligaments. The form of release is a powder that needs to be dissolved in water. The best time of use is in the morning on an empty stomach.

Freeze-dried tomato juice “Siluron” suitable for those who do not like tasteless products. Juice-flavored collagen is a great drink to start the day.

And the complex “Coral-Accord” in capsule format will be ideal for people with gastrointestinal problems, because all the useful components will be directly absorbed.

Collagen is an important building material for the skin, muscles, joints and soft tissues of the body. Although deficiency is possible due to poor nutrition, it is also important to recognize the symptoms of deficiency that may occur as a result of aging. Using collagen supplements is a safe way to prevent and even eliminate some of the symptoms of collagen deficiency.

However, it is also important to follow a healthy diet and avoid habits and other factors that contribute to the destruction of collagen.

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