The product «Silicitin» is designed to restore the liver from environmental influences, food overload and alcohol intoxication. The product belongs to the group of hepatoprotectors that stop the process of destruction of cell membranes, thereby protecting liver cells from destruction.

The composition of «Silicitin» contains organic components obtained from oat extract and milk thistle seeds. These are vital lecithins, antioxidants and fat-soluble vitamins. The main component of the product is silymarin, which triggers regeneration processes in liver tissues, and also stops the process of the appearance of connective tissue in organs.

Also, capsules make up for the deficiency of zinc, copper, selenium and other trace elements in the human body.

Active action of «Silicitin»:

  1. Elimination of toxins of various origins, including after alcohol intoxication.
  2. Normalization of the work of the biliary and biliary systems of the body, intensive impact on the preservation of organ tissues.
  3. Broad antimicrobial effect, elimination of foci of internal inflammation.
  4. Mild sedative effect. As a result, a calm nervous system.
  5. Improving sexual health, increasing testosterone and endorphin levels.

It is noted that the complex supports the body in the fight against tobacco addiction.


Crushed milk thistle seeds, dry oat grass extract, lecithin, magnesium hydroxide (E528), aerosil (E551), sodium sulfite (E221), ascorbic acid (E300).

Release form:

90 capsules weighing 0.6 grams (the mass of the active complex in the capsule is 0.5 grams)

Application scheme:

Two capsules three times a day. The optimal time of reception is during meals.

The term of reception of the complex:

From two to four weeks to 12.


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